Live with no regrets

Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.”

Sydney J. Harris


I just returned from a month-long trip to the USA and Canada. I was away from my family and my business for 4 weeks, pursuing my lifelong yearning. I have an insatiable thirst and deep hunger for knowledge – knowledge about life and how it works. I want to learn what makes relationships work, the secrets of successful business, how to have health and vitality, how to be a wise money master, how to live authentically to my spiritual mission and purpose, how to stretch my intellect to master my own life and be of service to others. I ponder these questions and journey through books, the Internet, and the world to seek my answers.


My first stop was Harvard Business School in Boston, and with 72 men and women from 35 countries I joined the Executive Education Program in Leadership and stretched my leadership skills and abilities. I was on a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows as I challenged my way of thinking. It had been my lifelong dream to go to Harvard Business School and I wanted to drink in every moment and experience every second to its fullest. What I have taken away from the program, the professors and my fellow attendees have changed me in a fundamental way.



Personal leadership and a deep sense of gratitude make a great leader. Authenticity is key. Be true to yourself. Live in service to others. Think out of the box. Stretch yourself.


Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.”

Marilyn Monroe



If I did not give myself permission to say, “yes” to an opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream and go to Harvard Business School, I would have ended up with regret.


My last stop was a week in Vancouver, Canada to meet with world leaders in the dynamic YPO (Young Presidents Organization). Together we discussed how to be of service to others and how to take more personal leadership. Opportunities are constantly surrounding us. The person who takes personal leadership acts on the opportunities. I attended YPO Edge, an annual event for YPO members. We were stimulated with disruptive and innovative messages from leaders in different industries, from 45-year old Justin Trudeau (prime minister of Canada), Arianna Huffington from Huffington Post, Kenneth Carlson, renowned Hollywood filmmaker, to Chip Conley, Head of Global Hospitality and Strategy, Airbnb. We sat for 2 full days listening to many inspiring speakers, challenging us to get out of our comfort zones. We even set a Guinness Book of Record record by being 1700 people “driving” in autonomous cars using virtual reality glasses. My biggest takeaway was the following:



Go with the flow of change and adapt. It is a time of massive opportunities for all to be innovative and creative in service to others.


There comes a precious moment in all of our lives when we are tapped on the shoulder and offered the opportunity to do something very special that is unique to us and our abilities, what a tragedy it would be if we are not ready or willing.”

Winston S. Churchill


I’m ending my sharing with you with a challenge: What opportunities are you noticing around you? Which opportunities are you acting on and which ones are you ignoring? The ones you are ignoring might be just the ones you will regret not acting upon.


The physical universe applauds action not thought. Act now!


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Harvard Business School, Boston 2017

PS: If you feel you need a little nudge to act on the opportunities around you or if you are not even noticing the opportunities, come see me for a consultation. Let me help you unlock your actions by the questions I will ask you. Don’t wait. Act now. Live with satisfaction that you are doing whatever it takes.

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YPO Edge 2017
Guinness World Record at YPO (Young Presidents Organization) 2017.