Google Mom

“Mom, where is my math’s textbook?”
“Ma, where is my swimming costume. I can’t find it!”
“Mommy, my boyfriend broke up with me”
“Wife, speak to your son. He is not listening to me.”

We are the Google search engine on our family’s radar screen and they use the Mom button as often as they need it. They use it because it’s a foolproof search engine for any challenge they perceive. That means we as moms are “nothing but amazing” in our ability to solve problems, overcome obstacles, mend broken hearts, find the unfoundables and create solutions. We have unlimited resources in our ability to serve our families and like Google, we are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Set your Google search button on “self-care” for a moment. Moms care so much for their family members. Let’s focus on you now.

5 Self-care tips for moms

1. Give yourself permission to take time for yourself.

Moms have so much time they give freely to their family members and others. Have a date with yourself and give your time to do something you really enjoy. It doesn’t matter what. Only you will know what it is you want to do with yourself on your date with you.

2. Learn to say no to others and yes to yourself.

Moms find it hard to say no to the Google search from their kids and husbands. Try out saying “no” to the many requests and feel what it feels like and see what it brings out in your kids and husband. Say, “yes” to yourself and feel the energetic surge in you. Be warned – resistance from your family will meet it but it’s empowering for all.

3. Learn to ask for help.

We do think we are supposed to be superwomen but let me share a secret with you – we are not. We can also access the Google button of our family members and ask them for help. What about the following possibilities:
“Help me by finding your own math’s textbook”
” If you choose to leave your swimming costume where you can’t find it, you choose to not swim today. Help me by making better choices next time?”
” I know your heart is broken because your boyfriend broke up with you. It breaks my heart as well. Let’s go and speak to someone who can help us to deal with our heart aches.”
“Help me by speaking to our son. He also doesn’t listen to me.

4. Have coffee dates with friends.

Women like to spend time with other women. We like the sisterhood of female company. Your self-care cup gets filled when you spend time with women and friends who “get you” and who care about you. Spending time with special women is immensely gratifying.

5. Do something you love.

Do you even remember what you love doing? Do your own Google search and find out what you love doing by going inside and giving yourself permission to do what you love, whether it’s reading, going for walks, taking a nap without feeling guilty, shopping without the kids and buying something for yourself and not for them.

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