We are excited to announce we are rebranding.

Change is coming this winter. We have decided to re-brand Ilze Alberts Inc to Bella Vida. We are taking the name Bella Vida out of the mothballs and reviving it in a new form.

Our intention is to establish a brand that will live for many years to come, (yes we know we are obsessed with legacy), but that truly is what we are striving to build – a legacy.

On top of Ilze’s one on one consultations, we are creating an online space that will live for many generations to come. With this as our goal, we felt it could no longer be linked to Ilze directly. This online space had to be bigger and timeless.

So we now bring you…<drumroll>

Bella Vida – strategy for a beautiful life.

We will be launching a new look and a new website.

The website will be focused on developing personal leadership, emotional intelligence, building powerful families, and developing lasting health and generational wealth.
Our courses are also being revamped to bring you content that is shorter with more punch.

We cannot wait to share this new exciting space with you. We have been working hard behind-the-scenes at something fresh, new, and exciting so please stay posted for the grand reveal of the new logo and look.

We will be launching mid-2017 and are so excited for the chapter that lies ahead.

Here’s how to contact us or book appointments  +27 60 743 4143 /info@ilzealberts.com