Building the bridge for your children to powerful independence and a purposeful life

You know what you want for your children. You want nothing but the best and blissful happiness for them forever and ever. Yet, no person alive or dead has ever had only the best and blissful happiness forever and ever. Why do parents want Utopia for their children? For the most simple explanation that you love your children unconditionally and you wish to live more successfully and impactful through them. Irrespective of great intentions, parents experience disappointment and disillusionment as much as they experience satisfaction and contentment as parents.


As a parent myself for the last 30 years, I have slowly but certainly started to learn they are on planet earth to live their own lives and not the lives I envisioned for them. They do not learn their life lessons through my examples and my experiences. They only learn it through their own life lessons and experiences. I changed my approach in my parenting and I started to focus on empowering and equipping them for life, instead of being their private bank and emotional protector. I decided to take the lead in an inspiring way and not in a prescriptive way and I planned my process.


I wish to share with you one of my five steps in building a bridge to powerful independence and purposeful lives for my children and what I have developed in the process.




  1. I developed the Wisdom of Authentic Wealth Model to use as my guideline in inspiring and equipping my family. This model does not only focus on financial wealth, but equally on wealth spiritually, mentally, vocationally, familial, social and physically. An authentic wealthy person is prosperous in all areas of life. I understand that “wealth” means ‘well-being” and I know parents wish for their children to have well-being. Well-being means to be in the state of being comfortable, to have a good or satisfactory condition of existence characterized by health, happiness, prosperity and welfare.


  1. I started to communicate with my children, typical millennials, on a WhatsApp group for the family I created and I threw out bait that pulled them closer. Their curiosity made them read my messages and the stories I shared. I made them aware that I am investing in them as unique individuals with their own unique purpose in life and that they will learn how to be empowered and how to have well-being and wealth in all areas of their lives.


*Meaning of millennials: Millennials, also known as Generation Y or the Net Generation, are the demographic cohort that directly follows Generation X. The earliest proposed birthdate for Millennials is 1976 and the latest 2004.


  1. I inspired my husband, Roelf to create a family vision with me for our family. This vision is not prescriptive or demanding. Our vision is to assist every member of our family to empower him or herself in all areas of life and live lives of purpose, meaning, inspiration and vision. We created an inspiring vision for our family in all areas of life, namely spiritually, mentally, vocationally, familial, social and physically.


Roelf and I decided on the values and norms we wish for our family. Values and norms like gratitude, integrity, fair exchange, focus on service, empowerment of self and self-growth and long term preservation of resources and opportunities.


  1. We took our next step and invited them to a family retreat. I communicated with my millennial children through technology; meeting them in their world of communication. I in fact invited not only our 3 children, from ages 14 to 30. I also invited my nieces and nephews. They all showed intrigue, enthusiasm and curiosity to be part of a family retreat for their generation. They all took part in the retreat, either in person or on a Skype conference call.




  • We shared the vision of their parents for their individual families with them. We have facilitated a family retreat earlier the year with our generation siblings and their partners and they have formularized their unique visions for their families.


  • We assisted them to own their unique value and contribution to the family human capital balance sheet.


  • We shared with them the values and norms of powerful families and individuals we all wish to make as part of the culture of our families.


  • They each wrote their own visions for their lives and shared it with each other.


  • We shared with them the significance of action steps to live towards fulfillment of individual visions. They wrote down important action steps and shared it with each other.


  • We shared with them the importance of gratitude and how to develop the habit of gratitude.


  • We shared financial wisdom with them, especially the wisdom of saving a percentage of their pocket money or income every month in a “no touch savings account”.


The morning hours of the family retreat sped past and came to an end. The wisdom of everyone astonished us. Their eagerness to learn, empower themselves and live meaningful lives came through from everyone, no matter what age. They asked, “When is the next one?”


One thing I learned from taking these action steps with my husband and the children is that they are hungry for education and empowerment and they look up to us as the previous generation to be their role models and inspiration. What I learned about taking these action steps is that investing in your next generation is inspiring, empowering and meaningful.


We are the igniter of the torch and we pass on the torch to our next generation, our children. That is how we build the bridge.


Are you curious about the other 4 steps of the 5-step process in building the bridge for your children to powerful independence and purposeful lives?


Is this igniting an interest in you and you wish to build a bridge for your children but you are uncertain how to do it?


Do you wish to invest in your children in a way you have never considered before?


Do you wish to pass on the torch?


If you answered YES to any of the questions, make it an important action step in your 2017 goal setting to empower yourself as a dynamic bridge builder for your children.




  1. You can do nothing and nothing will change.
  2. You can copy my step 1 as I shared with you in my blog and you can lead your children to the bridge and show them the way.
  3. You can invest in a package with me for your family that will include all 5 steps. The amount of hours you invest in for your family to be mentored by me, will determine how dynamic we can develop the process of bridge building and implement the 5 steps.
  4. You the parents can book a 2-hour consultation with me. The purpose for the 2-hours consultation will be to get to know your family and to set goals and action steps to build the most dynamic bridge for your children to powerful independence and purposeful lives. During the 2 –hour consultation your roles as parents will be defined and the roadmap for your children will be planned, incorporating my 5-step


DO YOU FEEL INSPIRED TO TAKE ACTION? Then do one of the following:

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